Poor maintenance of your upholstered furniture can leave it with stains that require professional cleaning to remove. Upholstery furniture preservation is an investment worth making, so before throwing out your heavily stained upholstered furniture, consider our Upholstery cleaning services here at BQ Carpet Cleaning. We will send a trained expert to inspect your furniture for any potentially permanent stain or damage so you will know exactly what to expect once the cleaning process is complete. We will vacuum, clean, and treat your upholstery according to its own fabric care specifications, and allow you to inspect the work to ensure 100% satisfaction.

BQ Carpet Cleaning offers upholstery cleaning services in Orlando. A very important part in maintaining your upholstery is to treat it to regular and professional upholstery cleaning. The durability and tidiness of your upholstery fabric depend on how often you get it cleaned, and the way you maintain it.  No wonder, furniture is one such thing, which is constantly used by those dwelling in the house, and you cannot save it from getting filthy. When this is the case, you may have to resort to high-quality professional cleaning to keep up the quality of the upholstery fabric.

Upholstery is usually made of diverse filaments, and the rinsing products used, are totally different from what is used in cleaning carpets. For that, we send skilled technicians to examine your upholstery in case of any perpetual abrasion or tough spot. Once the inspection is completed, we give a brief about what can be done to give a new look to your upholstery and to banish those tough looking stains, and what you can expect once our job is completed.

Vacuuming, cleaning, and tackling your upholstery according to its fabric care requirements are few things that we follow. At last, we allow you to scan the work done by us to ensure pure customer satisfaction.

Your furniture is surely among the huge investments, so zeroing in on a genuine upholstery cleaning company is no minor decision. Thus, here we are to simplify the daunting task of finding a reliable upholstery cleaning firm.

Upholstery Furniture Care

Your upholstery furniture will benefit greatly from proper care and maintenance. Regular cleaning can increase the longevity and keep your furniture looking good as new for a long time, and you can do this with these simple tips:

  • Clean up spills as soon as they happen to prevent stains
  • Vacuum/brush upholstery at least once a week to avoid grime and dirt build-up between the fibers
  • Turn cushions every once in a while so they can wear evenly and retain their shape
  • Keep them out of direct sunlight as UV rays can affect the quality of the fabric and fade its colors

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