If you can trust BQ carpet cleaners to clean your carpet, why not rely on us to clean your furniture upholstery as well? We totally understand that your furniture may be one of the expensive investments in your home. With that in mind, you can rely on BQ carpet cleaning prowess to get the job done right. We also provide upholstery cleaning in Haines city, and our certified technicians ensure that you get the topmost services from us.

Here at BQ Carpet Cleaning services, we start with an on-site analysis of your furniture upholstery to decide the right technique – especially for difficult areas. Then we use our specifically prepared upholstery cleaning agents to effectively but cautiously clean your upholstery. Our professionals in Haines city ensure that everything is done right – without ruining the fabric. The results speak a lot about or job: cleaner, lasting wear and enhanced air quality. You will free from dust, dirt and other contaminants that get deposited in the fissures and cracks of your upholstered furniture. And you can breathe a sigh of relief that better care increases the life of your expensive investment.

So don’t opt for dingy. And don’t purchase a new piece of furniture. Let our experts deep clean and infuse a brand new life into your favorite sofa.