Are you suffering from allergy symptoms? Do they seem to be worse than ever this year? Many people believe that the “polar vortex” that kept much of the country colder for a longer period of time this winter is causing trees and grasses to produce more pollen than ever now. That’s leaving allergy sufferers sneezing, coughing, and rubbing their itchy eyes more than ever. If you’re tired of dealing with these allergies symptoms, our Orlando carpet cleaning may be able to help!

Your carpet may look clean, but it could be harboring pollen, dust, and other allergens within its fibers. That means as you walk across your carpet, you could be releasing allergens into the air that irritate your senses. The only way to get rid of those allergens is to deep clean your carpet, and vacuuming might not be enough. But our rotary cleaning system can get the job done. Our machines clean your carpet deep down, removing allergens, stains, and dirt to reveal totally clean carpet that looks like new again. Plus, removing these allergens from your carpet can give you relief during a particularly tough allergy season!

Give us a call and get a free estimate on the cost of having your carpets deep cleaned by our professional team. You can make an appointment with us over the phone or by using the form on our website. Our team will come to your home and give you a custom clean that you just can’t get with any other company out there. We can’t wait to show you what our Orlando carpet cleaning can do for you!