Have you been struggling to remove stains from the carpet in your home? The problem might not just be the stain, it could be the cleaning solution that you are using. The carpet cleaning professionals in Bethlehem at BQ Carpet Cleaning have seen the way some carpet cleaners can actually make your carpet look worse. While some carpet cleaners just aren’t worth the money you pay for them, some of them are actually okay for the occasional spot or stain. Most of the time if your carpet cleaners aren’t working, the issue is that you are using the cleaning solution incorrectly.

When using a store bought solution, start by using as little of the cleaner as possible. Many people think that using more of the solution means getting a cleaner carpet, but that simply isn’t the case. An abundance of cleaning solution can actually attract more dirt to the area, meaning you’ll be cleaning that spot again and again. You should also rinse the area well with clean, warm water when you are done scrubbing out the stain. Blot up the water with a light-colored, clean towel. This will remove any of the cleaning residue and help the area stay clean and spot-free.

We’ve written before on our blog about how the cost of these at-home carpet cleaning solutions aren’t always the most cost effective way to get out stains. If you’ve been frustrated in the past with the results of your do-it-yourself carpet cleaning, give us a call. Our service is affordable, and you’ll be able to avoid the frustration of left behind stains and expensive bottles of carpet cleaners that don’t actually work. Give us a call and we’ll send our carpet cleaning team out to your Bethlehem area home and make sure you get the cleanest carpet possible!