Sometimes it is more than your carpets that need a deep clean. That’s why our carpet cleaners in Orlando can do more than just carpet! Our team can also perform a deep clean on your furniture, and they can do it at the same time your carpets are being cleaned. Just like your carpets, having your upholstered furniture deep cleaned can help your pieces last longer so you can enjoy that beautiful couch for years to come. If your furniture is already stained, don’t throw it out before you let deep clean it with our equipment. You’d be surprised at what we can do to restore the look of your furniture.

Our team will evaluate your furniture and develop a cleaning treatment plan for each piece. We’ll use specific stain treatments based on the material of your furniture and the particular stains. Then we’ll give your furniture a deep clean that removes dirt and dust that is buried deep into your upholstery. Before we are done, we’ll ask you to inspect each piece to make sure that it has been cleaned to your specific requirements.

Are you ready to have a house that’s clean from top to bottom? Call our team and have us come in to do your carpet and furniture. You can request a quote on our website, as well as requesting an appointment time. We make it easy to get the deep clean you want, and a healthier and happier home for your family. Get in touch with us today and get your appointment set up with our carpet cleaners in Orlando!