A lot has been articulated and written about carpet’s so-called connection with respiratory diseases and breathing sensitivities. It’s time to clear the air. Research conducted by the carpet and Rug Institute states that carpets and rugs in reality, refines the air quality of your home, as it acts like a huge strainer in the abode. Carpet often holds some of the bad allergens such as dust mites, pollen and what not in your house. These carpet threads usually catch these worst allergens, and impede them from moving around your place. Carpets strongly work towards boosting the indoor atmosphere. In contrary, hard- surfaced flooring does not contain those allergens, so even passing across the floor can evoke those bacteria.

Is your carpet making you fall sick?

The neatness of your carpet can greatly affect the quality of air inside your home, and it is compelling cleaning professionals to lay their focus on health matters, as well as the look of the carpet. As per the records, an average individual spends ninety percent of their time at the home. Whenever you walk into your abode, you bring in harmful mites with you. For instance, the next day you get your bug spray done, the amount of bacteria is ten times powerful in your rugs and carpets than it is outside where you got it sprayed. Just imagine how harmful it would be for your kids and babies crawling over that carpet, putting their hands in their mouth and eyes.

It is highly important to ensure appropriate air quality in your household by maintaining your carpet’s condition. You can keep it in a good condition by following two steps: You can take professional carpet cleaning help in every two years, and also by vacuuming your rug regularly on your own. A seal of approval from carpet and rug Institute should be there on the vacuum cleaner. When taking professional help to clean your carpets, you should demand for a seal of approval from carpet cleaning service. Additionally, make sure that you always look for care instructions for your carpet from manufacturer’s guide so that you don’t breach the carpet’s guarantee.

If your area rug is not thoroughly cleaned at frequent intervals, it will become a breeding place for those dangerous pollen. It is very important to regularly empty the sink and ensure that your carpets are cleaned thoroughly. A lot of people clean their carpets because they appear dirty, although by the time you can see the dirt with your naked eyes, the carpets usually turn filthy and grimy. It is hardly seen that people clean their carpets in an endeavor to protect their health.