When it comes to cleaning your tile and grout, this job may seem to be the most demanding one, as doing this task on your own can be tricky as well as tiresome. You just cannot imagine cleaning those stubborn, grimy and dingy dark lines interconnecting your tile and grout yourself.  If you plan to do regular mopping of your tile and grout, a detergent residue will be left over in the grout lines, making it look more dirty and slippery.  However, it is a less-known fact that detergent’s remnant attracts more dirt, and if neglected, can lead to permanent staining of your grout & tile lines.  That’s why you require a professional tile and grout cleaning firm like BQ carpet cleaning to perform this heavy-duty task for you.

Traditional tile and grout cleaners use water pressure, steam, and heat to drive away dirt from hard surface flooring. These cleaning methods are not only inefficient—they can also be damaging to your tile and grout flooring and are often wasteful, especially when cleaning tough dirt and hardened muck grime.

With our rotary cleaning system, you don’t have to worry about tile and grout damage nor wasteful water consumption. The machine has a combination of spray jets, vacuum slots, and nylon cleaning brush bristles that rotate 360° to ensure thorough cleaning of your hard floors. The spray jets use either unheated or heated water, which loosens dirt and grime using very high pressure, as the nylon bristles scrubs the surface clean. The vacuum then sucks up water along with the floor dirt and grime for a clean, quick drying tiled floor surface.

The best part about this cutting edge cleaning system is that it can be used to clean your indoor carpets just by switching the cleaning head! This means you can have your hard floor cleaned while your carpets dry, or the other way around.

More than tiled floors and carpets, our cleaning system is also designed for hard-to-clean stone surfaces such as limestone and travertine, which have natural holes and creases that trap soil and dirt over time. Our cleaning system is so versatile it can take on interior carpets and exterior hard floors without compromising the quality of work!

If you wish to have the effortless and spotless cleaning for your tile and grout, BQ Carpet cleaners are the people  you should think of calling without any delay.

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