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Client Reviews

What people are saying about us:

I have to commend this company again!!!!
They came and steam/power rotary washed all our tile on Friday the effect is amazing ...they look so good they look like new tile.
Good value for money Wonderful finish. Thank you so much!

Susan - United Kingdom - Property in Florida

We had ours cleaned two weeks ago we have very light cream carpets all upstairs they made a great job they looked like new. 
Thanks guys

Unclebuck - United Kingdom - Property in Florida

We had our tile and grout cleaned last week and the difference was amazing. The tile has been down for about a decade and it came up perfectly and looks brand new.
We also got our sofas cleaned and all the carpets done, so thanks gang for a great job

Grshakes - United Kingdom - Property in Florida 

BQ Carpets showed up last Friday to clean carpets, upholstery, and tile & grout. They did a fabulous job on all. The highlight is the grout, which hadn't been cleaned as long as I've owned it. Who knew we had white grout? 
My wife walked in and was floored. Thanks, BQ.

DisneyFunVilla - Kissimmee FL

Had ours done in September, usual good service and great results, real value for money!

DavenSue - United Kingdom - Property in Florida

We too had ours done in September - excellent service, a really good job, helpful friendly staff too!

CarolineB - United Kingdom - Property in Florida

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