1. Get Top Rated® Carpet Cleaning in Orlando

    How has your experience been with other carpet cleaning companies in the area? If you've had less-than-spectacular results with the other guys, you need to call our Top Rated Local® carpet cleaning in Orlando. BQ Carpet Cleaning doesn't rush through your home, and we make sure you carpet looks amazing before we leave. We want to make sure you love the results we get for you, and our professional…Read More

  2. Get Carpet Care Tip from the Carpet Cleaning Pros in Orlando

    Wondering how to keep your carpet looking its best between visits from our carpet cleaning pros in Orlando? We have tips that will help you not only extend the cleanliness of your carpet between visits, but also extend the life of your carpet and reduce your replacement costs. Put these tips into action: Vacuum your carpets once a week to remove surface dirt and debris. While this isn't the deep c…Read More

  3. Our Carpet Cleaners in Orlando Can Get Your Furniture Clean, Too

    Sometimes it is more than your carpets that need a deep clean. That's why our carpet cleaners in Orlando can do more than just carpet! Our team can also perform a deep clean on your furniture, and they can do it at the same time your carpets are being cleaned. Just like your carpets, having your upholstered furniture deep cleaned can help your pieces last longer so you can enjoy that beautiful cou…Read More

  4. Our Carpet Cleaning Services in Bethlehem are More Affordable Than You Think

    Many of our customers tell us after they've used our carpet cleaning services in Bethlehem that they are surprised at how affordable our service is compared to what they had expected it to cost. This is something we think a lot of people have a misconception about, so we want to let you know that professional carpet cleaning is probably more affordable than you expected! This especially true if yo…Read More

  5. Sample Blog Post

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  6. We Can Get Out Your Toughest Stains with Our Tile Cleaning in Orlando

    While tile is normally easy to clean, it definitely isn't stain-proof. That's especially true for the grout. Some of the most common stains we see on tile and grout are hard water stains, mold and mildew, and rust. Some of these stains can actually get under the glaze of your tile, meaning no matter how hard you scrub you won't be able to get the stains out. But with our tile cleaning services in …Read More