1. Myths about Wet Carpet Cleaning!

    There may be fresh spills of drink all over your carpet. How are you going to deal with it? How will you get those stains off your carpet? Or, may be water has ruined your carpets. Bursting of water heater, toilet leak, or your kid has left the tap running all the while. What are the possible ways to dry the carpets to lower the damage to your carpet and pad? Relax, the good news is, clearing that…Read More

  2. When’s the Time to Replace Your Carpet?

    If you take care of your carpet properly by keeping it neat and tidy, this will elongate the life of your rug. Although, you cannot avoid replacing it due to your carpet’s daily wear and tear sooner or later. You may find few evident signs; however, there are others that may be more elusive. Here are few signs that can determine when you should replace your carpet: Spots in the carpet: Are you f…Read More

  3. Boosting Indoor Air Quality with Your Carpets!

    A lot has been articulated and written about carpet’s so-called connection with respiratory diseases and breathing sensitivities. It’s time to clear the air. Research conducted by the carpet and Rug Institute states that carpets and rugs in reality, refines the air quality of your home, as it acts like a huge strainer in the abode. Carpet often holds some of the bad allergens such as dust mite…Read More

  4. How to Remove Pet Stains from Your Carpet?

    No wonder, removing pet stains from your carpet is one of the most tiring tasks. Many of us like to have a clean rug or carpet in our homes without any visible stains or patches, and the most difficult ones are those left by our furry friends that share our abode with us. With their amusing behavior, effortless love, and loyalty, pets provide something that is hard to find anywhere else in this wo…Read More

  5. What Are The Different Carpet Cleaning Methods Used By Professionals?

    Getting your carpets cleaned with the professional help on regular intervals will prevent certain bacteria’s from growing. The reason being, carpet cleaning companies utilize powerful machines that eliminate dampness from your carpet.  Carpets that are dirty are usually at a risk of developing creepy pathogens when they come in contact with moisture. Furthermore, hiring professionals for cleani…Read More

  6. How Can You Improve Your Health By Getting Your Upholstery Cleaned?

    There are people who believe in cleaning their bathrooms regularly, in order to prevent bacteria and other dangerous germs from creeping in. However, the same people forget the importance of cleaning their upholstery often.  Even the most hygienic people may neglect getting their upholstery cleaned, which is an essential part of keeping your abode clean, thus making it a healthy place to stay in.…Read More

  7. Get Your Tile Cleaning Done At the Same Time As Your Carpet in Orlando

    When your carpeting needs to be cleaned, chances are your tile could use a good scrub, too. That's why we make sure we have the machinery that can handle carpet and tile cleaning in your Orlando home! Our machinery is built to carefully clean your surfaces, using a gentle but thorough cleaning method that lifts the dirt and leaves all of your floors looking better than ever. It isn't just our …Read More

  8. Get a Free Quote on Carpet Cleaning Services in Celebration FL

    Many people wait to get their carpets cleaned because they are concerned about the cost. The truth is carpet cleaning in Celebration FL can be really affordable when you go with the right team! BQ Carpet Cleaning has been servicing homes in the Celebration area for years, and we know how to do the job right at a reasonable price. If you'd like to find out just how affordable great carpet clean…Read More

  9. Get the Right Carpet Cleaning Techniques in Celebration FL

    One of the misconceptions we run into a lot in our carpet cleaning business in Celebration FL is the people think that all carpets should be cleaned in the same way. With a powerful enough cleaner and strong enough machinery, any carpet should get clean. That's simply not true. Using harsh cleaning agents on your carpeting or overly-powered machinery can actually damage your carpets, leaving t…Read More

  10. Count on the Expertise of Our Carpet Cleaners in Orlando

    Good help can be hard to find. Good help that you can really trust is almost impossible! If you've been searching for carpet cleaners in Orlando who are honest, trustworthy, and really know what they are doing when it comes to cleaning your carpets, you need to call BQ Carpet Cleaning. People have been counting on our carpet cleaning services for years, and they know that they can trust our staff…Read More