Carpet dust, soil, and dry debris are easy enough to remove with regular vacuuming, but cleaning becomes more serious when oily stains, dirt, spills, and grime are involved. Stubborn contaminants are not only difficult to remove—they also breed bacteria and unpleasant odors that diminish the quality of air in the room and cause your carpet spread to fade and lose its beauty. Our fast and efficient Orlando carpet cleaning services removes contaminants in your carpets and leaves your room free from allergens and harmful particulates that thrive in unclean carpets and upholstery. 

Pre and Post Carpet Cleaning:

Our Orlando carpet cleaners start by preparing your carpeted room for cleaning. This involves clearing out or rearranging of furniture as well as small and breakable items to prevent bumping accidents and damage to your home/office furniture and accessories.A pre-inspection by one of our expertly trained crew will also determine what kind of service or treatment your carpet needs as well as the best method to be use for fast and effective cleaning. We are transparent about what we can and cannot do for your carpet, ensuring the best level of satisfaction when it comes to carpet stain removal for your Florida carpeting.

Pre-treatment of certain spots and stubborn stains may be necessary to make sure we get to the root of the stain. Your entire carpet will also be pre-treated with a cleaning solution to prep it for the actual cleaning. Our cutting edge rotary cleaning system guarantees quick, thorough, and spotless cleaning of your carpet and our trained experts can handle almost any kind of grime and stain.

To ensure 100% customer satisfaction, we will re-inspect the entire carpet with your supervision and install blocks or foil mats under your furniture legs so they don’t absorb moisture during the drying process. Grooming is also part of our service package to leave your carpet clean and polished.

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