Puppies are the best! They are energetic, loving, and there is nothing better than puppy breath. But there is nothing worse than potty training your puppy. Some puppies will catch on to going outside only very quickly, but some puppies will need a little more encouragement and training. Even the smartest pups will have the occasional accident, too. And while the effort is worth it, you’ll want to make sure you keep the number to our carpet cleaning services in Bethlehem handy.

Don’t let your new puppy destroy the appearance of your home! Our team will come in and spot treat your carpet to get out any stains or odors, and then perform a thorough cleaning that leaves your carpet looking entirely restored. This can actually help with potty training your puppy, too, since if they smell a spot where they’ve had an accident previously, they are more likely to repeat the accident. Keeping your carpets clean can actually speed up the potty training process!

Your new dog is going to provide you with years of loving companionship, so the few months of potty training frustration will be worth every moment. We’ll help take care of some of that frustration with our carpet cleaning services in Bethlehem. Give us a call when you get your puppy and schedule a carpet cleaning appointment in advance. That way you’ll know help is coming for your carpet! You can call us or use the form on our website to schedule your carpet cleaning appointment.