Your carpet is going to get dirty this holiday season–that’s just an inevitability. But you don’t have to live with those stains in your carpet for the rest of the year. Our stain guide will show you the best ways to get out common food and drink stains and keep your carpet looking clean in between professional cleanings from our carpet cleaning team in Orlando.

  • Wine. We see a lot of wine stains on carpets at the end of the holiday season, and unfortunately, this is one of the harder stains to remove from carpet. When the spill occurs, spray it thoroughly with a detergent, vinegar, and ammonia solution. Blot dry, then repeat the application if needed. You can get out any remaining stain with hydrogen peroxide.
  • Chocolate. It’s not the holidays without plenty of chocolate! If it gets onto your carpet, get as much off as possible and then apply an ammonia solution, vinegar solution, and detergent. Blot in between each application.
  • Tomato sauce. Apply a cool detergent solution to the stain and blot well. Any additional staining should come out with hydrogen peroxide.

You can find information on creating each of these cleaning solutions on our Spot Removal Guide on our website. Once the holidays are over, you can contact our team and we’ll come make sure all of the dirt and stains are out of your carpet for good. Call us now and schedule an appointment for after the holidays. That way you’ll know BQ Carpet Cleaning is on their way to help restore the beauty of your carpet!